We create all types of videos such as Whiteboard, Explainer, Cinematic, TV Commercials, Slideshows, Animated Series, Motion Capture, and Virtual Reality, we want to tell your story in the most creative ways possible using the latest technology available.


Despite the amount of content we consume online, TV is still a brilliant medium for businesses. It provides that all important credibility and a huge contributing factor to increasing your brand recognition.  



The biggest benefit to online paid media is the ability to segment and target your customers. This allows you to tailor your message and split test. Online content is crucial for startups and much more affordable. We can create all types of videos such as Chalk/Whiteboard, Motion Captured, Cartoon Animated and Slideshows. We can also cut up one piece of content into lots of tiny parts, from 15 second Instagram edits to 30 second Youtube pre-rolls, making your budget stretch further.



Before you make a huge investment in equipment, crew and actors, we suggest that you start out with point-and-shoot cameras, webcams or phone cameras to test how your audience reacts to the video qualities.The format of your video is hugely important here to decide this -the more informal the format, the more standard the equipment can be. We can create an amazing final cut with simple quality photos and footage.



We work with you to put together a brief and a proposition. This requires a little friendly interrogation and a good chat. We’ll then help you develop a strategy and discuss where you want your production budget to be spent.

Usually this includes: Brief, creative concept, script and storyboard.


This is where we assemble the dream team. We’ll source the best directors, talent and film crew to bring the script to life.

Key cost factors are: equipment, crew size, number of days, insurance, studio hire/ location permits and talent usage.


Icing is added to the cake. The footage goes into post production where we create the rushes. Once the pictures are approved the footage gets graded and audio is added into the mix. There are usually several rounds of amends. Once happy we’ll export the cutdowns either for online use or for TV broadcast.

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