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This online marketing package has been designed for businesses that are purely focused on creating or developing their current and ongoing online presence.



Our online marketing package is designed for businesses that are purely focused on their online presence. If you are looking to launch your company online and want to be sure that you have the marketing tools in place to attract customers then this is the perfect package for you.

We will begin by creating a corporate logo and brand identity that truly reflects the ethos of your company and speaks to your target market, once in place this brand will run through the very center of every piece of online marketing activity you perform. A strongly designed website is the next step; not only designed to a fantastically high creative standard but supported by solid programming to ensure it performs when put to the test. Search Engine Optimization is focused on from the very beginning ensuring that your website is created with this in mind. Upon launch a further programmed of search engine optimization can be implemented to maximize the effectiveness and reach of your website. The launch of the website is just the beginning, online communication tools including html emails, social media marketing and pay per click advertising to mention a few, will be carefully considered to build and execute an online marketing strategy that will work effectively to drive prospective customers to your sales team.

If this marketing package is of interest please consider a free one hour consultation with one of our marketing consultants who will establish the most cost effective method to promote your business. If you then decide to move forward you we will work with you to create a marketing solution to best suit your specific needs.


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