7 Reasons Why Video Is Important for Your Business

7 Reasons Why Video Is Important for Your Business

Why is the reel effect important for your business? Why should you invest in a quality business video production company? As it turns out, the reasons are many, and all for the best of it. Obviously, like in any other mode of promotions, how you say stays meaningful over a time only when what you have to say is good enough for the customer. Prior to hiring the services of a professional promo production, make sure they fulfill all qualifying aspects of the show. Audiovisuals commonly enjoy better attention span over textual formats for the same volume of words. A video can compress the expression of 10 minutes of reading something into 3 minutes of hearing it, by attractive narration. It not only saves time but also helps the viewer to get a faster grasp at the content.

Benefits of Video Outlined

Check out the following pointers outlining the advantages.

1. Videos define rich content as it delivers a powerful effect based on background music, narration, visual effects, and a show of reality. Google appreciates quality-rich content as it helps the search engine to rank websites according to popularity. A viral video can very soon raise the ranks of your site.

2. Videos made for online promotions can be used offline as well. Many e-commerce sites also do storefront business where you can display the promo conspicuously.

3. Sharing at sites like YouTube also allows direct viewer communications due to its social media format. These comments allow you to interpret your audience feedback, both positive and negative. It can also help small businesses to collect potential leads.

4. The easy share features at YouTube eventually allow your customer base to grow both in social media and in bookmarking sites.

5. Instructional presentations are very helpful for selling technical and digital products. Customers inevitably choose sites that deliver instructions in visuals rather than the ones limited only to text.

6. These allow a certain comfort zone to the audience, thereby boosting the popularity of your site. After all, one would find it better to simply hit play and spend a few minutes instead of scrolling through a series of words.

7. A nice video definitely decreases the bounce back of rate of an audience from a website.

Qualities of a Good Video

Video production definitely permits an attractive vehicle of targeted expressions, but it must be a quality presentation. Developing a stunning presentation must meet a few necessary criteria, which is why it is crucial to select a professional service for promotional video production.

✔ It should have a storyline preferably. Sometimes, the format does not allow the space for a definitive storyline. Even then, a string of logical connections should guide the viewer from beginning to end. A skilled expert can even make an interview look like a story by a series of carefully worded questions.

✔ The duration is extremely important. Neither should it be so less as to fail in creating an impression and not must it be so long to bore the viewer. Typically, a captivating video is set within the 3 to 5 minutes space.

✔ Similarly, an extravagance of visual effects may not help to achieve anything more than confusing the audience unless it is used properly.

✔ The narration should be catchy and emotionally appealing to the viewer. Male and female voices should be used according to the purpose of the promo.

✔ Intelligent professional use of the camera is important. A professional service employs a wide range of lenses and other visual accessories to bring out the desired effect.

✔ A very interesting observation shows that anonymity generates user curiosity. If you can use blurred faces in the show, it kind of gets people hooked to know the person behind the blurring.

Types of Videos

The presentation must be fine-tuned according to the purpose of the show. Apart from a product demo video presentation, a company could require instructional, company overview, staff interviews or customer testimonials. You should be partnering with a professional service that can exert equal expertise on all formats of creating a stunning video according to the aspects mentioned above. Talk with the experts and check out their portfolio. One of the key benefits of video portfolio is that it is easily verifiable at the site where they host it. Typically, such a service should have a YouTube channel where one can conveniently check out their creations one by one. In online promotions, it is always vital to remember that viewers enjoy significant control over what to see. Therefore, sufficient analytics and research must go into making a video that will stick to the audience.

Why interactive media designs, content development, and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand for the success of an online business.

Why interactive media designs, content development, and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand for the success of an online business.

Why interactive media designs, content development, and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand for the success of an online business.

It never ceases to amaze me how much money an individual or corporate company is willing to spend for a fantastic web site. You know which ones I’m talking about; those web sites that make thing appear or disappear, have revolutionary designs, make sound, play music, make things move about and sometime talk back to you. Hey, I’m just as guilty as you are, I like surfing them too.

Most web site owners want you to enjoy the experience on their site and pay well for you to have that gratification, and at the same time hope you purchase or download what the website is promoting.

However many individuals and companies end up ignoring what may be the most crucial ingredient to the success of their Internet marketing. They underestimate the importance of web designs that work collectively with high-quality search engine optimization, and fail to understand the ranking process.

Just to give you a quick example of what I’m talking about, earlier in my career I worked for an interactive media company that was selling video advertising online. They spent a huge amount of money hiring excellent designers and programmers to enhance their product and make it very appealing to the public, but failed to spend any money optimizing the website for their particular target audience. So while they sat back and expected their target audience to miraculously find their site on the World Wide Web, another interactive company with the same product and quality web site optimization, made a lot of money; consequently running the company I worked for out of business.

Blending artistic talent with complex technological skills, interactive media designers are always finding new, undiscovered ways to manipulate code to work jointly with content and search engine algorithms . It is critical for any personal or corporate site owner to take into consideration the importance of excellent search engine optimization which determines a site’s visibility and how well it will rank in the most important search engines directories.

There is no overnight guarantee or quick fix for high ranking sites, however developing great designs with product conscious content along with quality target audience (SEO) is the key to online marketing success.

If you would like more information on getting properly optimized online for your target audience, contact us and learn how to get seen online.

Great Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Great Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Online marketing has come to save small business owners who feel limited when it comes to dealing with large forms of advertising yet they have to work on a budget that is mostly very tight. With online marketing the business owners are able to market their products and services using only a small amount of money which is very convenient.

However, it all takes evaluation and analyzing to make sure that the particular method you choose to use will work for you and the message you include will attract enough attention especially from potential customers. There are a few things a business owner can do to make sure his business attracts more people using online marketing.

Local online directories

Getting a business listed in the local directories is a great way of getting your business noticed. This is especially helpful when you dealing with unique products and services. There are hundreds of business directories and so it is important to get the one you are sure is popular increasing your chances of getting noticed.


Another simple way of marketing your business online is starting a blog. This enhances customer connection because of the quality content you share on your website. If you want to connect the site to other essential links, you can easily do that to make finding you easy. People pay attention to blogs, especially when looking for particular products and services therefore make your site as attractive and direct as possible.


This involves the use of search engines such as Yahoo and Google to pull small adverts on their sites. You are charged according to the clicks your advert receives but then this is not expensive at all. As you pay the clicks, you will actually feel happy that more and more people are aware of your business. Using AdWords calls for punchy keyword inclusion to attract every person who sees the ad hence you will be attracting potential customers to your store.

Feedback monitoring

When using online marketing, it is very important to give a keen interest on the customer feedback that you receive. Feedback is very important as you will be in a position to know where to improve on and what to get rid of. You can also ask questions, monitor statistics, conduct polls and get to see the different responses. Listening to wants and needs will help you in coming up with a good approach.

What Is Digital Marketing and How to Get the Most Out of It

What Is Digital Marketing and How to Get the Most Out of It

The term marketing is so broad, it covers many different aspects and there are lots of ways companies and brands can market themselves. So here are just some of the basics of the wonderful world of digital marketing and how it can help you and your business.

What is it?

Digital marketing is the promotion of your products or brand via electronic digital media. Instead of using traditional marketing methods like direct mail, flyers, or printed adverts it means using the internet and other digital aspects such as mobile, radio and TV to promote and advertise.

What are the advantages of digital marketing?

Monitor and analyze

Digital marketing allows people to monitor how their campaigns are performing and how much engagement they are receiving, pretty much in real time.The internet is an ever-evolving source of interaction, news and shopping amongst so much more, and now brands have the ability to clearly see the impact they are having. This also allows companies to alter their strategies and campaigns with immediate effect if something isn’t working.

Personal and greater engagement

Digital marketing provides a huge overall increase in brand engagement. Via the means of social media, brands can engage with their customers, offering them personal attention and relevant content and information. For a consumer, receiving an email personally addressed to them can make all the difference.

Greater exposure

Your business or brand now has the ability to be seen anywhere in the world. Using social share buttons on your website or blog, means users will end up sharing it to all their followers and this could lead to content going viral. If you’re still not sure, all you have to look at is how quickly news brakes online to understand the power of social sharing.

If you were to optimize your site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) this opens up even more exposure, which then results in a long term Return On Investment (ROI). Ultimately meaning the whole thing will be fairly low cost to maintain.


A major winning factor of digital marketing is the massive reduction in cost from traditional marketing methods. It doesn’t cost anything to use the basics of social media or to send emails. But you can really add value to both of these with the use of eye-catching design and plenty of call-to-actions.

Brand control

Digital marketing can mean that brands have the ability to control who sees their content.They can choose locations or people who work in certain fields or locations, or even choose to send an email to someone in particular.


One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that it’s not intrusive. For example, people hate receiving telesales at inconvenient times, but now they can decide what they want to see online. Consumers choose to click a link or choose whether to read about products or services.

For all brands and businesses, digital marketing is easily one of the best routes to go down and should be considered when you’re looking to increase awareness, engagement and reduce cost.

Managing Your Social Media Exposure

Managing Your Social Media Exposure

Many businesses are coming to realize the importance of social media management in order to secure an even larger web presence than what they already had from SEO (search engine optimization).

Using the Major social Outlets Wisely

The sheer ubiquity of social media outlets can be daunting to the late entrant; every start-up is trying to emulate the success of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, because the potential for advertising to the masses is tremendous. This array of options has led to the rise of social media management, which allows companies to easily keep track of the myriad of platforms being used for social engagement.

In addition to being seamlessly aware of network feedback, they can often integrate related aspects of media marketing into it, such as newsletters and email marketing. A medium-sized company can have connections across literally a hundred different sites, and social media management can negate the time-consuming practice of logging into each one individually to update status, renew offers, or a myriad of other things a business might use to engage their audience.

Social media management doesn’t merely manage the company’s preexisting contacts; it also extends their reach. It enables a company to advertise to and attract product promoters through contests and affiliate sponsorships, pitching their services to both targeted and untargeted traffic.

A robust social management program should enhance a company’s media strategy through diversification; keep track of analytics, notify administrators of important changes in the community, such as a mass exodus from the network for any reason whatsoever, and lastly, have an attractive interface, which is just as important as the previous attributes.

The Importance of the First Page

Creative and engaging landing pages have always figured prominently in web design, and will continue to be even more critical with the migration to social media management platforms. Ultimately, all of these things have two goals in mind: create a sense of community, and extend that community.

Social network management also entails devising general guidelines with dealing with a company’s customer base. Is it more optimal to erase any negativity, or information that might put the company in a bad light, immediately from the message boards or Facebook Walls? Research would suggest that not always; particularly in the case of a misunderstanding as to a product’s specifications.

Letting Go of Old Ranking Methods

Outright spam should of course be relegated to the dustbin; but other statements can give a company a chance to interact constructively with their fan-base by elaborating on an idea, creating an atmosphere of trustworthiness and engagement with the audience. Then, an especially well-constructed clarification can be recycled across the social media management network to other users, who might have had similar questions. In keeping with the user-oriented nature of the above transaction, any chance that a company has to involve their base should be seized upon.

Opinion polls for better service and novel ideas, contests and free giveaways can reap dividends in the long run. Ultimately, although the primary purpose of social media management on the company side is resource consolidation; the external appearance must always be one of keeping the customer first, and interacting with her as an individual entity.

Top 4 Tips To Attract Visitors To Your Site

Top 4 Tips To Attract Visitors To Your Site

One of the common questions among clients is how they can get more visitors on their websites. While the website doesn’t have anything wrong with it as it is professionally designed but the problem is that it is not promoted well enough to get more visitors.

If you want your audience to pay attention to your work, you need to earn it. You cannot expect your job to speak for itself and accept that marketing is a part of your job.

Here are four ways which you can use to attract the right kind of visitors to your website.

1. Create and amazing blog.

You must not only post here when you have a new client or something new to sell, but you must make a blog that can grab people’s attention by giving entertaining and useful material regularly.

You can write about

• How you made the product – with pictures and videos.

• From what you were inspired – your audience will like it if you like it as well.

• How your viewers can make a similar product to yours

• Also about any gadget that helped you made your work better.

Instead of writing your opinions in a long paragraph, you can:

• Devote an entire blog for ONE idea.

• Make a compelling headline.

• Give solid examples.

• Invite comments that end by a question.

Also, don’t forget to ask for subscriptions. Repeat visitors should be kept close. Therefore, people an email option when subscribing so it is much easier.

In addition, make sure you’re encouraging them to comment and like and share your content. Engagement is essential and it’s a great gauge for you to discover what content your readers are seeking the most. When done properly, this can also give you a big boost from an SEO perspective.

2. Give (some of) your best work for free.

Give people something valuable to share with their contacts.

• The first chapter of your novel

• A free report filled with important information

• High-resolution images

• A series of tutorials

Make sure whatever you give out, and it is valuable otherwise, no one would get excited about your products. Also, make sure you have plenty more in reserve for the people who want to buy from you.

3. Borrow someone else’s audience.

Write high-quality guest posts for famous blogs in your niche and get yourself on the radar so people want to reach to you. This could potentially get you hundreds of new subscribers without trying that hard.

4. Get your content into circulation.

Use social media platforms to circulate your content. Share other people’s content more than your own as it attracts more people’s attention.

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