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Us and Luca Barton for Council 2017

I am the son of a Panamanian immigrant that came to this country at 18, not knowing English; a soon-to-be single-mother with $40 in her pocket. I know what it's like to be poor —I know struggle. I am running for LA City Council, District 1 to serve those mothers out there like my mom —to give back and support those working too hard for too little.

Us and Luca Barton

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Affordable Housing


Tenants Rights Information

Campaign to stop landlords that are

circumventing the law 



Housing + Job

Creation / Training 



Smart Public Transportation,

Alternative Transportation Systems,

Safe Paved Streets 


Currently Implementing

Community Gardens in food deserts + schools, Youth

Programs,neighborhood clean-ups

& a Non-Profit Congress to serve the


CA Ballot Initiatives

Tuesday 8 Nov 2016

55 — YES Tax wealthy to help pay for schools + healthcare.

56 — YES $2 tax on cigarettes per box. Helps fund Medi-Cal + keep kids healthy.

59 — YES Overturn Citizens United —save our democracy.

61 — YES Helps the most vulnerable Californians afford prescriptions. 

62 — YES End the death penalty our moral  burden.

64 — YES End the costly War on Drugs - legalize marijuana + tax it.

65 — NO Stop the scheme by Out-Of-State Polluters.

67 — YES Support CA's ban on plastic bags.